Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A Prayer for the Nation

Last week the Pray for Scotland movement held a prayer breakfast which was attended by upwards of three hundred Christians engaged in mission and ministry in Scotland. Amongst whom were several salvationists representing both the Army as well as other aligned church and para-church groups. The breakfast concluded with the following prayer being shared by all attending. The Salvation Army Mission  Scotland movement was birthed and covered with prayer from the outset - this feels very much as if we are part of what the Lord is doing in all parts of the church. The body of Christ on the move!!!

"A Prayer for The Nation

"Almighty God, we bring you praise for your Son the Word of God,
by whose power the world was made, by whose blood we are redeemed".
Austin Martin, 1983

We thank you for this beautiful land "of the mountain and the flood", of river and glen, of island and sea-shore; a fertile, productive land well able to sustain our life and well-being; and one in which no-one need go hungry.
We thank you for our fore-fathers who taught us who you are and how we might know you; to honour hard work and honest endeavour; and to have respect for a person's character rather than for their possession or status.
We thank you for the gifts of mind and hand which have helped us to understand your world and build our nation; and which have enabled us over the years to contribute to the welfare of humanity in fields such as engineering, science, medicine, the arts, education and business.
We thank you for those who have struggled and suffered that we might live in freedom and peace; and for all who have served you at home and abroad so that others may come to know you. We pray and give thanks for our countrymen and women who serve in such causes even today.

Lord, be exalted in our nation, that we may receive mercy,
and find grace to help us in our time of need.

"Come, let us to the Lord our God with contrite hearts to return;
Our God is gracious, nor will leave the desolate to mourn".
Scottish Paraphrase, John Morrison, 1781

Create in us contrite hearts because Scotland has fallen short of what it could be. We have been forgetful of you in the midst of the blessings we have received. We have not always sought after the highest and the best and have imagined too often that we are complete in ourselves and have no need of your grace and wisdom. Help us to remember, as the Bible teaches, that "The Lord our God is merciful and forgiving, even though we have rebelled against him". (Daniel 9v9). We pray for the spiritual renewal of our land.
We pray for the Queen and for the royal family. We pray for those in government who make decisions on our behalf, that they may seek and know your wisdom; and demonstrate integrity, good stewardship and a true spirit of service in all that they do. We ask that our nation may follow paths that are marked at every step by truth, justice and compassion. We ask for your guidance as we consider the decision that faces our nation in the referendum planned for September 2014.
We pray for communities throughout our land, that our people may lead their lives free from fear. Bless all who serve by safeguarding our freedoms and safety. We pray for those who feel marginalised in our nation and for all who work to help them. Help us to be generous in spirit towards those who are genuinely in need.
We pray for those who have damaging additions and ask you to bless every effort made to help them find freedom. We pray for all who are in prison and ask that you would give them strength to find a better way. We pray for our justice system and ask that it may always be a servant and protector of what is good and true, and be wise in knowing how to temper judgement with mercy.

Lord, be exalted in our nation, that we may receive mercy
and find grace to help us in our time of need.

We pray for all those who suffer ill-health or disability and for those who live with anxiety, depression or the frailties of advancing years. Have mercy on those who are tempted to despair. We pray for all in the caring professions and ask that you will bless them as they seek to alleviate suffering and bring healing to those in need. We remember the many who care devotedly for family members in their own homes and ask that you will give them the strength necessary for the task.
We pray that our children and young people may be protected from the dangers that surround them in our society and that they may learn how to discern right from wrong and truth from error. We pray that family life may be strengthened and that parents, guardians and teachers may know your wisdom as they carry out their responsibilities.
We pray for all engaged in business and commerce and ask wisdom for them as they face the challenges of changing economic conditions. We pray for those who are unemployed and feel discouraged. We pray that our business and economic affairs may be conducted with energy and probity, with due consideration for employer, employee, consumer and our environment.
We pray for our churches and places of worship that they may represent you truly to our generation and shed the light of your gospel faithfully across the nation. Help your people to fulfil Jesus' words that they should be salt and light to our world (Matthew 5). We pray for those in leadership positions that they may know your wisdom in discerning your truth and in sharing it with others. We pray for the spiritual renewal of our land.

"Our hearts, if God we seek to know, shall know Him, and rejoice,
His coming like the morn shall be, like morning songs His voice".
Scottish Paraphrase, John Morrison, 1781

Lord, be exalted in our nation, that we may receive mercy,
and find grace to help us in our time of need.

Lord, hear our prayers for we bring them in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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