Sunday, 7 December 2014

Second Sunday in Advent - Peace

Look at our world and it is hard to see where good is overcoming evil.  Darkness is an integral and intolerable part of our world and we often ask Where is God in this and that? or Why the suffering and the sorrow, the hatred and war which is so prevalent?

But the truth is that in the Christ child of Bethlehem the Inextinguishable Light has dawned on our world and however great that darkness, it will never snuff out the light of God. You may have to look long and hard at times to see where the Light is shining, but it is there because he is there Identifying with us where we are, however low, however sad, or however needy his people are.

In former times the prophet Jeremiah had called the people of God to seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which they had been exiled. With the coming of Christ, that call to be peacemakers in a dark and broken world is intensified, and we can be the very means by which that world is made aware of the Prince of Peace. We may not easily see how we could do that in the wider world of war and injustice but we can be lights strategically placed, intentionally reflecting the Light that can chase the darkness around us. 

The Spirit of Christmas is a Spirit of Peace and to possess it is not just the means by which we can live at peace with God and the world, we can share it in a myriad of ways with those who around us.  God helping us, may we truly be peacemakers.


Jeremiah 29: 4-14

John 1:1-14



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