Friday, 23 January 2015

Focus On...

…Bobby, Participant in SMART programme, George Steven Centre:
Bobby is a 40 year old man who has Downs Syndrome.  He suffers from Type 2 Diabetes. Prior to SMART support, Bobby shared his home with his father who would administer insulin and monitor his blood sugar levels. Unfortunately Bobby’s Father passed away and Bobby was left to deal with his medical condition on a daily basis.
Bobby struggled to cope with the changes and adapt to life as an independent adult, his diet was poor, he would administer insulin at the wrong times and even the wrong dose, he was also known to over check his blood sugar levels, resulting in his skin becoming sore and inflamed from needle pricks. Bobby’s unmonitored Diabetes further resulted in him being admitted to hospital on several occasions.

The SMART approach has continually supported Bobby in all aspects of his daily living, encouraging him to be as independent as possible. Bobby’s Diabetes is now very strictly monitored with Bobby taking the lead role. Bobby is more aware than ever of the importance of eating the right food, although he still likes to have the odd treat!  Bobby checks his blood sugars and administers insulin independently with staff present both morning and night, all results are now recorded and Bobby as well as staff know the protocol if things aren’t right. Thanks to the SMART team Bobby is now also under a diabetic specialist who works closely with him.


Jo-Anne Graham
Project Worker SMART
Tenancy Worker for Bobby



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