Wednesday, 28 October 2015

All Scotland Discipleship Weekend

Over 100 people from all over Scotland gathered at the Macdonald Aviemore Hotel the first weekend in October for the All Scotland Discipleship Weekend. It was a time of praise, worship, teaching, and challenge on how to live your whole life for Christ.

The teaching throughout the weekend was based on the Whole Life Discipleship material from the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity (LICC). Neil Hudson led seminars on Introduction to Whole Life Discipleship and Going and Growing as Disciples; Ruth Walker led a seminar on God in the Workplace; Rev Gordon Kennedy led a seminar on The Whole of Life for Christ and Lieut-Colonel Robert McIntyre led a seminar on Prayer and Whole Life Discipleship.

The seminars were well attended and provided lots of interesting and thought provoking ideas and discussion.

Whole Life Discipleship is about living every minute of your life for Christ, being a 24/7 Christian and not just a one hour on a Sunday Christian. Have you ever thought about where you spend most of your time in the week and have you thought about living for Christ in this time, your work time, your family time, your leisure time.

It is good to meet together on a Sunday and be the ‘Gathered Church’ but think how effective we can be as the ‘Scattered Church’ every day in our work place or our leisure time and in our families. We need to learn to live effectively as Christians in these places.

The concept of one degree shifts was talked about a lot – the idea that a small change can, over time, bring about a significant change in direction. We were challenged as to what one degree shift we can make in our lives to influence others for Christ. Can we pray for our colleagues at work, for our boss, do our lives demonstrate our belonging to Christ. Do we smile and talk to the check out girl in the local supermarket, to the bus driver.

There was also a separate childrens and youth programme and the young people shared with everyone what they had learned over their time together.

For me this slide sums up the weekend:

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