Thursday, 28 March 2013

Disciple Making Corps?

Does your Corps / Church /fellowship make disciples or members? Are you I focused on making soldiers or servers?

Where there is an emphasis only on membership the fellowship is weakened. The roots in Christ are stifled of the nourishment need to grow full bodied healthy Christlike disciples.

From the outset of Mission Scotland is was apparent that in a number of our Corps the emphasis on discipleship had sometimes been lost in the striving to fulfil duty. Duty without depth is a long frustrating path. To help Corps move forwards in this respect all Corps in Scotland have been prompted to work towards - and keep working on  a Corps Mission Development Plan. Sme of these are highly developed strategic documents, others provide the parameters within which a Corps is striving to develop.

Almost without exception there is an explicit or implicit focus on discipleship!

Corps that previously knew a lack of corporate and individual focus are beginning to see a deepening in spiritual commitment - often also seeing a growth in numbers as well. And disciples who make disciples belong to growing healthy fellowships.

One of the key thought processes that has been used to this end is Natural Church Development with it's emphasis on balance many Corps are finding this focuses them n be me discipline fellowships not just perpetuating what we have always done for when committed disciples do what they have always done they see surprising results!

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