Thursday, 12 September 2013

When September comes

So, the summer has all but left us but the memories are still fresh for many.

It was a summer when many activities are run at a base level and some cease completely while holidays and a well earned rest are embarked upon. Rest is definitely a part of mission.

Jesus rested, the disciples rested. They waited in anticipation of what would come after the rest.

The Psalmist tells the reader to wait.

Then the waiting ends, with new vigour in mission, renewed focus, the launch of new initiatives and activities, the embracing of autumn as a time for fruitfulness is very missional. The Hebrews regard autumn as being the most fruitful time of the year and the most productive of an individuals life. 

What if our church is in the autumn of it's years? Do we mourn for what is no more, or rejoice for the fruit being borne? What should we see as being drawing to a close so that the resources and energy required to maintain can be shifted into new areas? Or perhaps we want to focus energies on giving the ministry a good send off!

Be renewed, be energised by the Holy Spirit, be focused on Christ and His mission. Be fruitful - in season and out of season.

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