Tuesday, 6 August 2013

New General 3

So our young people came up with some interesting ideas for new General, Andre Cox. They come from the "Xplorers" programme for young Salvationists in West Scotland, who are open and willing to follow God's plan for their lives. Who knows, in 40 years time,  one of them may be the newly elected General!

'Solve religious disputes between Christians and Muslims, also with different branches of the church.'


'I would have fundraisers to

Build medical centres in Africa
Cancer research
Give the homeless shelter and food
Do-up all The Salvation Army halls
For good Sunday School trips
More youth fellowship meet ups & for the youth in General!
For Sunday School teachers to be given gifts for teaching us about God'





'I would do meetings on a Sunday: 1 for adults & 1 for kids (so kids don’t get bored). Have more youth fellowships but not just for the young for adults too. Have a suggestion box at the front of church. Have meetings on a Sunday for those who do not normally come to church. Have more fundraisers for church and charity. Build more charity shops. Get more seats for people in church to sit it. Buy more Bibles and hand out to people in the streets who don’t know God. Get special people to spread God’s word to other people. Replace all the broken and dirty flags.'

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