Thursday, 1 August 2013

New General 2043 (!)

On this day, when the Salvation Army has elected a new General, a 'General's Manifesto' has been composed by a number of young people who are part of West Scotland's 'Xplorers' programme for those who, appropriately in the circumstances, are open to God's plan for their lives.

Read, enjoy, comment, but most of all be inspired!
"Create more Corps and Drop in Centres for the homeless. Renovate Corps buildings to make them more attractive to people who don’t come to the Army. Encourage Army regulars to speak to the public to create a larger Corps that never stops growing"

"Make a lake of water for the Africans and houses, some food too. Create “me” time"

"Love God and pray to Him everyday."

(More to follow!) 

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