Thursday, 1 August 2013

New General 2

Further comments from young people drawing up their own 'General's Manifesto' for The Salvation Army:
'I would encourage the youth of the world to take up leadership roles. I would make sure that all corps had an officer in it and that we had adequate funds for planting new corps. I would encourage mums and tots because as the general secretary of the Methodist church said “every generation of Christians has the possibility of being the last”. My plans may seem focussed on growth and kids but my main principals are clear. We need to fix our eyes onGod and his plans for our lives, we must constantly pray and read our bible because if we don’t focus on that the whole meaning of the organisation is LOST. Yes! We may be a charity but we are Christianity with our sleeves rolled up, we are a church on a mission. So I will bring more facilities for the community to come closer to God. We must seek souls out of the drowning water and that is my number one priority.'

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