Sunday, 30 November 2014

First Sunday in Advent - Hope

Many thought that John the Baptist would fulfil Israels hope of a Messiah.  Expectations for a better future were high when they saw and heard him. He seemed to fit the image well of the kind of person people would follow.  Hundreds came to see and hear him and he was asked frequently by religious leaders if he was indeed the expected one who would bring new hope to a hopeless world

However, he was quick to tell them that he was not the Messiah but one sent to prepare for his imminent arrival, adding that everyone was to get themselves sorted out for his coming.  He called people to repent and used baptism as a symbol of that repentance. This would have come as an initial shock to a Jew, as this was the means by which a Gentile was converted to Judaism.  Nevertheless many people from varied backgrounds responded to the Baptists simple but clear call 

When Jesus, the true Messiah arrived, John pointed to him, declaring that here was the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.  It is worth noting that of all the descriptions that could be given to the Messiah, John speaks of the Lamb of God

As we journey through Advent we can listen well to the Messiah Lord as our Teacher, follow closely as our Example, offer allegiance as our King and serve him well as our Master, but never let us lose sight of him as the willing Sacrifice who is the Saviour for a hopeless world a message we need to know and share in whatever way we can this Christmas

 Read John 1:29-34

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