Monday, 25 May 2015

Heart & Soul

 Last Sunday afternoon The Salvation Army took part, for the first time, in the Church of Scotland's Heart and Soul Festival. This is an annual event held in Edinburgh during the week of the Church's General Assembly. Thousands of people from all over the country - and further afield - descended on Princes Street Gardens for the event.

Many of the visitors came to our stand, including one from Germany and one from Spain. We gave away 100 copies of the War Cry (our weekly newspaper) and 100 copies of Kids Alive (our weekly children's comic) - and we could have handed out many, many more. We also provided information leaflets about our work in Scotland, handed out the 2014 Annual Review for the SA in the UK and Ireland, and gave away balloons, pens, badges, stickers and sweets. It was a popular stand!

Govan Citadel Band played music at the fountain and by the main stage before marching down the central avenue. All in all we made our presence felt and helped to highlight the part the Army plays on the lives of people and communities up and down Scotland.

At our stand we also gave out quiz sheets to see how much people know about the Army. The questions are below. Have a go and see how you do. We'll put the answers on the blog next week.

Heart & Soul 2015


1. Who started The Salvation Army (TSA)?

          William Tell            William Booth                    William Wilberforce

2. In which year did the TSA begin?

          1865                      1870                      1875

3. Where did the SA begin?

          Nottingham             London                              Bristol

4. What was it called before it became The SA?

          The Salvation Mission                The Christian Army        The Christian Mission

5. In which year did The Salvation Army come to Scotland?

          1877                      1879                      1883

6. In how many countries is the TSA at work?

          87                         101                        126

7. Which of these countries does the TSA not work in?

          Cameroon                Greenland                Bangladesh

8. Who is the international leader (the General) of the TSA?

          AndrĂ© Cox               Frank Booth             Carol Bailey

9. What is the name of the TSA's weekly newspaper?

          The Good News        The Watchtower       The War Cry

10. What does the TSA call its hostels for homeless people?

          Elevators                 Lifehouses               Arks

11. What does the TSA call its churches?

          Chapels                   Meeting houses        Corps

12. How many churches does the TSA have in Scotland?

          58                          76                          89

3. How many primary schools does the TSA run worldwide?

          985                        1,092                      1,241 

14. How many maternity hospitals does the TSA run worldwide?

          26                          35                          42

15. Where is the TSA's International Social Justice Commission based?

          London                             Geneva                   New York     

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