Monday, 1 June 2015

Quiz Answers

As promised here are the quiz answers from last weeks post - quiz

Heart & Soul 2015


1. Who started The Salvation Army (TSA)?

                      William Booth                  

2. In which year did the TSA begin?


3. Where did the SA begin?


4. What was it called before it became The SA?

           The Christian Mission

5. In which year did The Salvation Army come to Scotland?


6. In how many countries is the TSA at work?


7. Which of these countries does the TSA not work in?


8. Who is the international leader (the General) of the TSA?

          AndrĂ© Cox              

9. What is the name of the TSA's weekly newspaper?

          The War Cry

10. What does the TSA call its hostels for homeless people?


11. What does the TSA call its churches?


12. How many churches does the TSA have in Scotland?


3. How many primary schools does the TSA run worldwide?


14. How many maternity hospitals does the TSA run worldwide?


15. Where is the TSA's International Social Justice Commission based?

           New York     

How well did you do?

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