Monday, 8 June 2015

Praise for The Salvation Army's work in Scotland


The transformational ministry of The Salvation Army in Scotland was the focus of BBC Radio Scotland in an extended feature. The high profile Sunday morning programme, hosted by Sally Magnusson, provided listeners with a historical context of William Booth's Christian and social mission from Assistant Scotland Office Secretary, Lt Col Jonathan Roberts.

Lt Col Carol Bailey, Scotland Secretary, unpacks the relevance of the Army's mission to save souls and grow saints in society today. During an inspiring interview, Gorgie Corps bandmaster, Keith Johnston explains that bands are more than just playing music, they communicate the Gospel and enhance the worship.

Joining forces to drive mission through practical professional support from the Scotland Drug and Alcohol strategy, Stirling Corps and Homelessness Services Unit, is also a focus through 'Sandy', who honestly expresses how God has saved his life from addiction.

The full interview is available on BBC iPlayer. It last for 13 minutes and starts at 1:31:40.

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