Wednesday, 10 June 2015

What kind of reward?

The newspaper headlines recently have been filled with the news of alleged cheating in the world of premier athletics. Although most of the allegations are historic, it does still have a resonance for the present day, where the human challenges of sports endeavour push the limits of the legal and moral boundaries. This following on from allegations made against the senior leadership of FIFA, more detail being made available almost daily.

Through our televisions we can share the success of athletes pushing their body to the limit where success and failure are measured in milliseconds. The power of the audiences watching any sport, including football, can alter thinking and behaviour where the dollar is the driving force. Headlines such as those we hear and see just reinforce that human nature is very fragile and succumbs to the power of both fame and wealth.

What we do not hear about so often are the acts of kindness that many people undertake each day that do not reach the headlines. Families around us often have to sacrifice their own time and often money to support less able family members. These occasions are often life events; some are predictable and some are less so, but each mean that we can be called to be the extra support for friends, family, corps members, and often some unexpected contacts we have never met before.

When we give of our time and give of ourselves to help those who are less fortunate than we are, we realise that it costs very little in pounds and it is not done for the power or for position, it is undertaken in love for each other. Power, position and wealth are often transitory in nature.

The commitment to each other, that we show for those around us and the peace that we bring in our daily lives will last and our reward will be much more precious than fame or fortune.

Taken from the West Scotland Division Circular

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