Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A Sleeping Bag Gospel

In our cell group recently we have been using material which challenges us to identify our ‘frontline’ - to look at the people and opportunities God puts in front of us every day to show Jesus & to be Jesus to those we come in contact with. It is a great privilege to work for the Salvation Army at Aberdeen Citadel and I thank God for the ‘frontline’ he has given me, to be around our busy building where people come through the door for many different reasons. This is the place where we meet people where they are at and can start to build relationship with them. Some will come to share a coffee with their friends in our community cafĂ©, others will be alone and are happy for one of our volunteers to sit & chat with them, possibly the only personal contact they may have that day. It might be Peter, just released from prison and who has been sleeping on the street – he doesn’t want a roof over his head but his shoes have holes and his socks are soaking wet, so we can meet his immediate need and give him dry socks & a new pair of shoes. And a nice clean sleeping bag makes him the happiest man around!
I thank God for the opportunities to make a difference in the little things of life - a smile or a laugh together, a kind word & a listening ear or even a clean pair of socks!

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