Thursday, 16 May 2013

Togetherness: with the Holy Spirit, with each other.

The whole pre-concept of Mission Scotland was that together we could achieve more, more saints grown, more souls saved, more of suffering humanity served in more ways.

There's pretty good evidence emerging that this is starting to happen.

More soldiers are being made, more spiritual and practical activities are being engaged in. 

Working together the three Scottish SA Divisions have identified areas of co-working and so have done so.

The are also areas where we maintain independent working - but share information and resources.

The understanding of the culture we work within is really important and this understanding is a crucial part of moving forward. The culture is what we need to invade is every nook and cranny, not working with the culture but in the culture so that, together with the Holy Spirit, God's plan can be worked out for the nation of Scotland through our part of the body of Christ.

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