Monday, 20 May 2013

Mission Scotland - Fit for Mission?

Being involved in leading the Fit for Mission Steering Group over the last few months has really challenged me about the need for us to make some major, significant changes if we are to fulfil the mission I believe God still has for us.
We tend to be a “good news” organisation but this is a time when we need to face the brutal facts – and the reality is they don’t make pleasant reading. If we are to be truly “Fit for Mission” we need to be willing to take the radical decisions which are needed. We need to be leaner, faster and truly focused on our mission and not our bureaucracy.
The question is where does our mission really stand in our priorities? I thought that one person who sent me input and suggestions put what we need to do better than I could. He said that we need to:
            Regain our Perspective that our God is an all powerful God
            Reignite our Passion for our mission
            Rediscover our Purpose for which God raised up the Army
I think he hit the nail on the head do you?

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